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Workshop Theme

As depicted by many researchers and practitioners, with the help of the web 2.0, our economy is starting to shift from the ownership-based paradigm (i.e., products and services are purchased from companies or from other tiers, are used and eventually resold) to a sharing-based way of consuming and doing business (i.e., products and services are shared with others, ownership even temporarily is no longer required for usage).

With the fast development of numerous for-profit and nonprofit businesses (e.g., Zipcar, Wikipedia, CouchSurfing, HyperLocavore) in various industries (e.g., finance, transportation, hospitality, housing, media), the so-called “collaborative consumption” and the related “sharing economy” is driving more and more attention by the world’s academic community. 

The workshop “Sharing the challenges of collaborative consumption” intends to gather researchers as well as practitioners interested by the theoretical and managerial challenges of collaborative consumption and ready to share the past, present and future of this exciting phenomenon.